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MI Champs India

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a 
tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”-Albert Einstein

About Us

MI Champs India, an initiative of Kakani Edu Media Pvt Ltd, has been envisaged and setup to nurture, strengthen & develop ‘21st Century Skills’ in school going children. As part of this endeavour, MI Champs India has been conducting Math, Science and English ‘Olympiads’ for more than half a decade. Through the conduct of these ‘Olympiads,’ based on the formal school curriculum, MI Champs India has been able to carefully shape the future of students to become active, valuable and contributing members in our nations progress.

These ‘Olympiad’ Exams namely, the All India Math Challenge Exam (AIMCE), the All India Science Challenge Exam (AISCE) and the All India English Challenge Exam (AIECE) are for students from Class III-X. Click below to find out more about the exams.


All candidates who participate in the exam would be getting a certificate of participation and the top 3 students, in the state, would be getting a certificate of merit.

The 3 toppers of the exam would also be getting the below prizes: 1st Prize – Laptop, 2nd Prize – Tab & 3rd Prize – Alexa.

What Makes Us Unique

MI Champs India provides a detailed post-assessment analytics report to students after the
exam. We would also be giving “Career Counselling” to students of IX & X grades through
interactions with career guidance companies.