“To shape the future of students so that they become active, valuable, and contributing members in our nations progress.”


For many years we have been on the mission:

“To help students, at a younger age, to gauge where they stand and to encourage and motivate them to better themselves and improve in the future.”

Our mission has been envisioned keeping in mind one of the most important national objectives which is the creation of a skilled population, for the 21st century, to contribute towards our nation’s progress.

As part of our mission, we have already touched around 210,000 students of around 650 schools in past half a decade.

Our philosophy of learning and assessment

We believe that marks, in annual exams, are not the only legitimate measure for intelligence of the student. On realising the fact that intelligence has multiple facets such as linguistic, logical mathematical, interpersonal, etc., which are essential for effective learning, we have come to the belief that intelligence cannot be measured within a single metric and is ‘multiple’ in nature.

On realizing this aspect of intelligence being ‘multiple’ in nature, we also took cognizance of the fact that the child learns in a variety of different ways. A student who understands the type of intelligence he is using while learning, would be in a better position to think about how he can adapt to the information being learned. From the teacher’s standpoint, understanding these aspects of the child’s learning also helps in tweaking the learning style of the child and suggesting future career paths.

Attention to the above points, made it clear to us that the elements of Intelligence, Knowledge and Applicability are crucial for the child’s lifelong journey of learning. Discerning this, we at MI Champs India have been organizing Olympiads for students of grades III to X. These Olympiad exams are the All India Math Challenge Exam (AIMCE), the All India Science Challenge Exam (AISCE).

MI meaning Multiple Intelligence.